About EVcourse

EVcourse is an online resource for people interested in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Created and edited by Nina Patkai.

The future of transportation is electric. The shift towards electric vehicles is not only crucial for our planet's sustainability, but it also represents an opportunity for innovation and growth. Software is at the heart of this transformation, driving advancements in vehicle performance, charging infrastructure, fleet management, and customer experience.

EVcourse is a collection of carefully curated checklists designed to help you navigate the electric vehicle industry.

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EVcourse Values

accessibility - woman charging electric car


Designing and developing accessible services

cars in city at charging station


Committed to supporting a cleaner, greener future

innovation - man holding phone with charging app


Always looking for new and better ways to do things

Overall, software is playing a major role in the development of the EV industry. As the industry continues to grow, software will become even more important.