EV Charging Etiquette Checklist

The EV Charging Etiquette Checklist is a set of guidelines designed to foster a respectful and efficient charging environment for all electric vehicle users.

EV car charging
EV car charging
EV car charging
EV car charging
EV Charging Etiquette Checklist


  • Stick to Your Slot: Only use the charger if you need it; don't occupy a slot just because it's available.
  • Charge Time: During peak times or when there's a long queue, limit your charging to what's necessary, if possible.
  • Check-in: If there's a waitlist app for the charging station, make sure to check-in to reserve a spot.
  • Correct Plug: Ensure you're parked at the appropriate plug-in point compatible with your EV, e.g., avoid DC fast charging stations if your vehicle only supports Level 2 charging.
  • Queue Awareness: Always be observant of any waiting line of EVs and ensure you don’t accidentally skip ahead; when in doubt, ask other drivers.
  • Respect Space: Only park in EV charging spots if you're charging. Once you're done, move your vehicle to a regular spot.
  • Keep it Clean: Don't leave trash or belongings around the charging station.
  • Handle with Care: Treat charging equipment nicely – unplug and return cords neatly.
  • Unplug Alert: If your car has a notification system, set it to alert when the charge is complete so you can move your car if necessary.
  • Stay Alert: If you're going to leave your vehicle for an extended period, consider leaving a note with your phone number in case someone needs to reach you about your vehicle.
  • Use Apps: Use EV charging apps to check station availability and to update your charging status for others.
  • Avoid “ICE-ing”: If you drive a gasoline vehicle (Internal Combustion Engine or ICE), never park in an EV charging spot.
  • Never Unplug Others: It's essential to never unplug another person's vehicle, even if it seems they've overstayed.
  • Adhere to Signage: Pay attention to any time limits or other instructions indicated on signs near the charging station.
  • Stay Informed: Different charging stations have different policies, rules, and rates – make sure you're aware before plugging in.
  • Report Issues: If you encounter a problem with a charger, report it using the relevant app or notify the station's owner.
  • Not a Resting Spot: Avoid using the charging station as a long-term parking spot once your EV is fully charged; some stations even impose extra fees for overstaying.
  • Thank Others: If someone moves their car early or assists you in some way, thank them – a little kindness goes a long way in the EV community.


Here are some additional and perhaps less common tips for EV charging etiquette:

  1. Personal Safety: Especially if you're charging at night or in a secluded area, stay aware of your surroundings. Consider recommending well-lit and secure charging spots to fellow EV drivers.
  2. Mind the Pets: If you're leaving pets in the car while charging, ensure they are comfortable, have adequate ventilation, and leave a note indicating you're nearby and aware.
  3. Cord Wrapping: After unplugging, make sure to neatly coil the cable or cord on the provided hook or stand to prevent it from becoming a tripping hazard or getting dirty.
  4. Stay Social: Consider joining local EV groups or forums to share charging tips, report station outages, and offer or get advice on best practices.
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