EV APIs for Software Developers

Developers can use EV (Electric Vehicle) APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to integrate electric vehicle data and functionalities into their applications or platforms.

EV car charging
EV car charging
EV car charging
EV car charging
EV APIs for Software Developers


Understand the EV Domain: Familiarize yourself with the EV ecosystem's intricacies. An in-depth understanding of charging standards, battery technologies, and EV regulations can help you use the API more effectively.

Stay Updated on Standards: The EV industry is still relatively young, and standards (like charging protocols) might evolve. Regularly update your knowledge to ensure your applications remain relevant and functional.

Prioritize Safety and Security: Ensure that the actions mediated by the API prioritize user safety. Implement robust authentication and authorization checks.

Chargepoint API Driver for VOLTTRON The Chargepoint API Driver for VOLTTRON allows for real-time monitoring and control of Chargepoint electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) through the VOLTTRON platform. This is achieved by building a standard VOLTTRON device driver on top of the Chargepoint Web Services API. VOLTTRON is an open source software platform, developed and maintained by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Unofficial Tesla API provides access to Tesla vehicle data. This is a community of developers who are reverse engineering the Tesla API.

Open Charge Map API Provides access to a database of EV charging stations, including location, availability, and charging capabilities.

PlugShare API Provides access to a database of EV charging stations, including e.g. location, reviews and photos.

HERE EV Charge Points API RESTful API providing charging stations locations, data on connector types, and opening hours.

Enode API The Enode API lets you connect to a wide range of green energy hardware.

General Motors API General Motors provides an API and developer resources. You need to become a commercial partner to get access to their Commercial Vehicle API Library. But they also have an in-vehicle platform that you can use to build in-vehicle apps (

eMabler API EV charging API.

EV Database Data Services Source of data and APIs related to electric vehicles.

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